Your Experience

A Proven Process That Harmonizes with Your Vision

Payne & Payne Renovations & Design

At Payne & Payne Renovations & Design, we believe that our proven, structured process is key to delivering a design that harmonizes your vision with our creative expertise. Our passion for design and creating inspired spaces is matched by our passion to execute the work in a transparent, efficient, and organized manner.

Phase 1:


Every project starts with a conversation. We want to fully understand how you live and work within your home. We want to have a deep awareness of your vision and the tangible, functional changes you expect in your new space.

Phase 2:

Design & Assess

Once we have a full understanding of what is most important to you, our certified and experienced design professionals work to bring your vision to life. We will develop 3D renderings of the renovated interior space to help visualize the proposed enhancements. During the design process, one of our experienced Project Developers will be working with you to really analyze and assess the existing condition of your home.

We want to carefully evaluate what is there, what is behind those walls and in that soffit? It is important to us to evaluate the home as intensively as possible to best root out the potential of any surprises.

Phase 3:

Materials Selection & Mobilization

Once we have developed the framework of the project, we continue to collaborate to select and identify all of the materials necessary to complete your project. We meet at our industry leading design center where we catalog samples of the materials we need to complete your project, from exterior stone and siding, to cabinets, tile, and hardwood.

We also make selections such as plumbing, lighting, and accessories. Our transparent process keeps the cost of these materials clear so our clients make educated decisions along the way. Concurrent with the above, our Project Managers and Operations team will be working with the municipality on any necessary approvals and permits. We want to make sure that when the design is complete, we’re able to start the work as soon as possible thereafter

Phase 4:

Furnish & Decorate

As an optional service to our clients, we’re thrilled when we can support them to fully complete the vision through space planning and organization, furniture layout, and through the supply and selection of custom furniture, upholstery, and window treatments.

Phase 5:

Transparent Execution

Once we start your project, you’ll have full access onto a web based portal that contains all the necessary documents and details on your project, all costs and updates, as well as our actual construction schedule. You’ll be able to login and know exactly the cost of your project, the work that is happening this week, and if you happen to forget, you can even take a look at the drawings and selections we’re using to complete it!

We not only measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction (please take a look at but also by the efficiency and timing it takes to start and complete your project. Its our commitment to limit the potential disruption of having work completed in your home by completing that work as quickly as possible.